Stockton Kids Martial Arts Classes

Exciting, Educational Kids Martial Arts Classes For All Ages

At Discovery Martial Arts, we offer a wide range of Kids Martial Arts training for all ages and experience levels, designed to help your child develop vital life skills while staying active and learning important self-defense techniques. Students in our Kids Martial Arts classes benefit from exciting, ever-changing programming that keeps them motivated week after week.

From our youngest students up through our most advanced teenagers, Kids Martial Arts has provided physical, mental and emotional enrichment that many traditional sports and activities simply do not offer. 

Stockton Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts Training For All Ages

At Discovery, our Kids Martial Arts students stay motivated each and every class with belt promotions and an increasing understanding of the vast martial arts disciplines. But we invite children to join at any age and we have designed our age specific classes to ensure each child is given the opportunity to thrive. 

Class options for boys and girls include:

Ages 2-3: We teach basic motor skills and work on listening exercises in this age group.

Ages 4-5: The most basic of instruction that sticks to fun exercises in a safe and controlled environment. 

Ages 6-7: An introduction to base-level movements and techniques with a focus on having fun and meeting new friends.

Ages 8-10: Building on some of the things students may already know while teaching others the basics of Martial Arts through drills and exercises.

Ages 11-12: A class built to help children adapt to their growing bodies. Children will have vast differences in the sizes and ability levels at this age but we control the environment so all can have fun. 

Teenagers: Guiding out most experienced Martial Arts students through the later stages of their belt promotions, these classes are also still perfect for the beginner with no previous experience. 

Enjoy Success Beyond The Dojo

We know that kicking and punching and breaking boards can be fun, but our Kids Martial Arts classes also offer skills that students will carry with them for the rest of their lives. As students experience the many successes and challenges of the Martial Arts, they develop important learning skills and personality traits that our instructors carefully support and foster. 

Your child will benefit from improved:

  • Confidence
  • Perseverance
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Self-discipline

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