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Kristen S.

My two daughters, ages 8 and 11, are gaining crazy amounts of self confidence and body awareness from their martial arts classes. They have both told me that they love learning how to defend themselves, and love challenging themselves to learn new techniques. We hope this will be a life-long journey for them!

Paul D.

Discovery Martial arts has been much more than just a "Dojo" to me- it has a very family oriented feel- the owners & instructors make students feel welcome and confident from the moment you first step in the doors. In my personal circumstances I haven't been able to attend as many classes as I would like due to ( off site ) injury and hectic work hours- but whenever I do have the time to walk through those doors there is a genuine feeling of acceptance and a high level of thought that is put into each training by the instructors- I only wish that I had more time to take advantage of the wonderful classes offered at the school- it truly is a home away from home that just happens to teach a very effective and modern ( although deeply rooted in historical lineage) form of martial arts that is relevant from class #1.

Julie N.

Love love love! The Sensei's are AMAZING with the little kids! They teach focus, strength & self control. My son is thriving from these classes!


Could not ask for a better place to practice the arts. Instructors have their own take on the techniques and everyone helps each other to make sure everyone understands the techniques. I started many years ago and had stopped, but started going back about two months ago and was able to pick up where I left off, which I was not expecting. Love this dojo. We are one big happy family!

Sarah C.

Our daughter is thriving at Discovery Martial Arts. The Little Ninja's class is amazing and all the teachers do such a great job!! We couldn't be happier!

Nick M.

This is an amazing place to train. The instructors and students together form a community unlike any I have ever seen. Discovery Martial Arts is a positive place to be and I wouldn't train anywhere else.

Maria B.

Our family has been coming here for 4 years and all 4 of our boys still look forward to it several times a week. It's a great family atmosphere and very student focused. The instructors and the rest of the staff are great! Several time slots each week available for every belt level which makes it possible for our boys to get their classes in with our busy schedules.

Randi V.

My 15 year old son and 5 year old daughter just love this school and there teachers. They are very great with children and showing them, respect, self control, integrity, and kindness. I also got my nephew out of cps and enrolled him. He was a very angry, depressed, and out of control child. With me and the help of DMA hes done a complte 180° hes getting good grade in school, very respectful, and anger issues are 90% better. All in all this school and family of the school has helped change my life 100% and i will continue to keep my kids here. This is not about being a black belt and quitting!! Thus us a life long dedication! Thank you master garmany

Melissa T.

We love how Master Garmany keeps the whole family involved even though only one child is in the program. They work very well with my autistic daughter. She has shown such a great improvement in school and at home since starting at Discovery. We are very proud to be a part of Discovery! Our son will start July when he turns 2.

Juan M.

Good Trainers, very nice and respectful people. Master Germany has proven to work with me as a customer and I have much respect for him and his team. I'm glad we have our kids here. Thank you Discovery

Paula M.

In the 3 years we've been a part of this school they have become more of an extended part of my family. Master Garmany and his staff have gone above and beyond consistantly. As a single mom, having such amazing role models for my son's is priceless. You couldn't pay me to go to another school other than discovery. Yes they make champions in the sport, one of my son's is an example of that, but that's not why they have my loyalty. Master Garmany always has my back as a single parent (boys can be hard), Mr Joseph as the head instructor is awesome but as the tournament coach is brilliant, Mr Nolan teaches the adult class and the demo team and makes taekwondo look like beautiful art. All three of these men impact my son's and grandson life. They have forged a relationship with them over the years and because of those relationships, my boys will grow up to be great men. That's the power of role models. It's because of Master Garmany's vision that so much is in store for my boys.

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