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Grandmaster David Garmany, Martial Arts Instructor

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Grandmaster David Garmany

Get ready to be inspired by the incredible tale of Grandmaster Garmany, a shining example of the unbreakable human spirit and the life-changing influence of martial arts. As a business owner, Grandmaster Garmany's journey goes against the norm – he didn't rely on traditional business education; instead, his entrepreneurial passion was born from facing challenges head-on and having unwavering self-belief instilled by martial arts. His story goes beyond just business success – it's a remarkable story of resilience and victory in the face of overwhelming obstacles. Despite a severe car accident that left him with life-threatening injuries, including punctured lungs and shattered bones, Grandmaster Garmany did not give up.


Driven by an unstoppable spirit, he embarked on a recovery journey that surpassed medical expectations. Enduring numerous surgeries and intense rehabilitation, he refused to let darkness consume him, seeing his struggles as a test of his inner strength and resolve. With each step forward in his challenging journey, he defied the odds, emerging even stronger and more resilient.


Grandmaster Garmany's story is not only about survival – it's a testament to the limitless potential of the human spirit. Rising from despair, he founded Discovery Martial Arts from a wheelchair, turning his passion into a source of hope and motivation for others. His journey is a reminder that no obstacle is too great and no dream is too far-fetched. Through perseverance, resilience, and unwavering self-belief, Grandmaster Garmany proves that anything is achievable. His story showcases not just the power of martial arts, but also the power of the human spirit to conquer, endure, and triumph against all odds.


Grandmaster Garmany, a true visionary committed to unlocking the limitless potential within each and every child. With decades of experience and an unwavering passion for martial arts, Grandmaster Garmany has created a life-changing program designed to guide young minds towards greatness. Through his guidance, countless individuals have conquered their fears and self-doubts, unleashing their highest potential. By the time they reach their teenage years and early twenties, they are fearlessly taking calculated risks and pushing themselves to new heights. The success stories of former students, who credit their achievements to Grandmaster Garmany's pioneering martial arts program, serve as a testament to his empowering legacy. His dedication to shaping the leaders of tomorrow is truly unmatched.


With an extraordinary 45 years of unwavering dedication and daily immersion in the dojo, Grandmaster Garmany has honed his expertise alongside the world's finest martial artists. He has trained with luminaries such as Olympic Medalist, Grandmaster, and US Olympic Coach Jay Warwick, and with the Founder of MATA SA BAGYO Serrada Escrima Grandmaster Carlito Bonjoc, and with two-time Olympic Medalist, Grandmaster, and US Olympic Coach Han Wan Lee. Boasting an impressive collection of 12 black belts earned since 1986, Grandmaster Garmany's journey has been defined by remarkable achievements. He was introduced to Martial Arts in 1980 and from 1991 to 1998, he proudly represented his country on the international stage as a member of the US Team under the guidance of Grand Master Jay Warwick. Throughout his illustrious career, he has mentored numerous national champions, international champions, and has nurtured six members of the US team.


At Discovery Martial Arts, the atmosphere is synonymous with family. With a keen emphasis on creating a safe haven, he's established a nurturing environment where families gather and children thrive within structured boundaries. Setting his school apart, it boasts a unique feature: an arcade, a testament to Grandmaster Garmany's innovative spirit. Equipped with a dedicated toddler room, his vision extends beyond martial arts mastery; it's about providing a home away from home where children can flourish. Grandmaster Garmany's legacy is not just one of martial arts prowess, but of fostering growth and community within his cherished dojo.


If you're uncertain about whether this path is right for you, consider this: Grandmaster Garmany's legacy speaks volumes. With a teaching tenure in the community stretching back to 1984, he's not only produced top-tier athletes and UFC fighters but has also nurtured the talents of future Olympians. Notably, he played a role in introducing MMA icons Nick and Nate Diaz to the world of martial arts.


Looking ahead, Grandmaster Garmany's influence continues to shape the landscape of martial arts. With a dedicated commitment to training and developing instructors and program directors, including the esteemed Master Instructor Nolan Ternura, his impact is felt far and wide.


A true authority as Guru of Serrada Escrima, Grandmaster Garmany also holds the prestigious title of 7th Dan Grandmaster in Taekwondo, solidifying his expertise and dedication to the craft. To truly understand the transformative power of his teachings, one must experience it firsthand. So, take a step into his world, practice, and immerse yourself. Only then can you decide if this journey is where you want to lead your children.


Grandmaster Garmany, with his decades of experience in martial arts instruction, offers a nuanced approach to coaching children through moments of doubt and the impulse to quit. He understands that effective coaching begins with the parents, as they play a crucial role in supporting their child's journey. By aligning parents with the vision and emphasizing the long-term benefits of perseverance, Grandmaster Garmany establishes a partnership focused on overcoming challenges.


Once this foundation is laid, he delves into the root causes of a child's hesitation, often uncovering underlying issues of self-doubt, fear, or procrastination. Through setting achievable goals and providing unwavering support, he guides children through their apprehensions, whether it's the fear of breaking a board or the anxiety of sparring.


However, Grandmaster Garmany acknowledges that setbacks are inevitable on the path to mastery. He views moments of wanting to give up not as failures, but as integral parts of the journey towards becoming a black belt. By helping parents and children navigate these obstacles and find victories along the way, he cultivates resilience and character.


Drawing from his own experiences, Grandmaster Garmany shares his unwavering passion for martial arts and the determination that propelled him through challenges. He recognizes that not everyone possesses this innate drive, which is why he is committed to offering his expertise to those in need.


Ultimately, Grandmaster Garmany instills core values of discipline, integrity, honor, and perseverance, guiding both parents and children towards personal growth and success. He understands that while the journey may be arduous, the rewards of becoming a black belt extend far beyond the martial arts arena, shaping individuals into resilient and determined individuals ready to tackle life's challenges.

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