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Grandmaster Carlito Bonjoc, Martial Arts Instructor

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Grandmaster Carlito Bonjoc

Grandmaster Bonjoc is a stalwart figure in the world of Filipino Martial Arts, boasting a profound expertise as a 5th-degree Escrima practitioner. Renowned for his composed demeanor and methodical approach, he embarked on his martial arts journey at the age of 10 in Stockton, California, after being raised in the Philippines. Despite initial resistance from his father, who prioritized academics, Grandmaster Bonjoc's sister advocated for his training to boost his confidence amidst challenges.


Under the tutelage of esteemed instructors like Mano Roy and later, Monroy, Grandmaster Bonjoc developed a deep understanding of Escrima. His training was further enriched by diverse interpretations, blending family traditions with techniques from different masters. Despite physical challenges due to spina bifida, he persevered, refining his skills with unwavering determination.


As an instructor, Grandmaster Bonjoc embodies patience and adaptability, tailoring his teachings to each student's personality and needs. He recognizes the importance of instilling discipline and pride in Filipino culture among his students, nurturing them to become not just skilled practitioners but also stewards of their heritage.


Grandmaster Bonjoc's vision extends beyond individual skill development; he envisions a united martial arts community that embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity. His commitment to teaching extends beyond physical techniques; he imparts valuable life lessons, fostering resilience, and integrity in his students.


In a world where martial arts evolve, Grandmaster Bonjoc stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation, bridging the past with the future of Filipino Martial Arts. Through his teachings, he not only preserves the rich legacy of Escrima but also paves the way for its continued growth and relevance in the modern era.

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